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Retailer Support

Here you will find a list of resources that are vital to owning and running your store. Please be sure to review all documents before contacting your District Sales Manager for help.


As the exclusive wholesale provider of cannabis products in Ontario, our goal at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) is to connect you with a wide assortment of legal, tested cannabis products procured through federally Licensed Producers. We also carry a broad selection of cannabis-related accessories for your consideration to offer you the added convenience of having only one wholesaler.  

Authorized Retailers can also expect to receive support from our dedicated Onboarding Specialists, Client Service Centre team and District Sales Managers, who are available to support Retailers with their accounts, orders, payments, delivery and product issues. 

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Are you interested in becoming an Authorized Cannabis Retailer?

We created this list of steps to get you started – from applying for your licence to getting ready for opening day. 


You will need to apply for your licence through the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) Application Process. The AGCO will issue the following documentation required to become a Licensed Retailer:

• Retail Operator Licence (ROL)
• Retail Store Authorization (RSA) Once your RSA has been issued by the AGCO, please contact the OCS to begin the onboarding process.


When our Customer Service Centre has received all the required information outlined in Step 1, they will send you a digital Confidentiality Agreement to acknowledge via email.

Please note: you can sign your NDA once you have received your ROL, but you cannot proceed to the next step without having both your ROL and RSA.


Once you receive your RSA from the AGCO, please contact the OCS onboarding team and an Onboarding Specialist will send you an invitation to set up your OCS B2B Portal account. To complete your account, you will need the following six documents:

  1. ROL
  2. RSA
  3. Pre-Authorized Debit Form
  4. Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Form
  5. Certificate of Insurance
  6. Store Logo

You will also receive a Store Locator Form and a Retailer Agreement Form in your OCS B2B Portal invite. Please ensure you complete both forms before setting up your Portal account. Your initial order date is usually scheduled a minimum of 10 business days after you begin your onboarding process with the OCS. This timeline is dependent on the complete accuracy of your application and documentation.

Please note: Authorized Retailers must provide the OCS with all required documentation listed in this article. If you need assistance, please submit all questions here.


You can access the OCS B2B portal once your Portal account has been approved. You will be able to browse the OCS Catalogue and set up additional Retail Users under your account. 


Next, you’ll receive a request from your District Sales Manager to set up a meeting to help you prepare for your initial order.

Your District Sales Manager will be able to provide data insights and advise on operational support. They will schedule training to help you place your initial order and answer any questions you have about our product catalogue.


Before you can open your store to the public, you will need to pass a final inspection by the AGCO. You can find more information about the Retail Store Pre-Authorization Inspections on the AGCO website.


You’re all set! After you’ve opened, visit our Store Locator on where we let customers know you’re an Authorized Retailer and make it easy for them to find you.

Client Service Centre

The Client Service Centre is your touchpoint if you’re experiencing issues while submitting an order, have questions about Quality Assurance Claims, Insurance or Retailer Agreement renewals, or have concerns about shipping and delivery.

An Onboarding Specialist will help you with your initial setup, collect your banking information, insurance documents, ROL, RSA and (if needed) Retail Manager License.

1-877-627-1627  |

Who Does What?

Regulates the production and promotion of cannabis. Licensed Retailers should be familiar with the Federal Cannabis Act (Canada) and the applicable regulations

Establishes the provincial rules for possession, consumption, and sale of cannabis.

Establishes the rules for licensing, regulating and governing the sale of cannabis through Licensed Retailers in Ontario.

Sets operational standards for Licensed Retailers to adhere to regulations in the Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide.

Responsible for the wholesale distribution of cannabis products.

The exclusive source for cannabis products and offer retail support to all Licensed Retailers in Ontario.

As an Authorized Retailer dealing directly with consumers, it is your responsibility to comply with the laws that apply to your business and to do your part in supporting the safety of the public.

Retailer Support
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Product Return Policy

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Retailer Support
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Product Delivery and Receiving

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Retailer Support
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Payments and Processing

All Licensed Retailers are required to sign a Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement as part of their onboarding process to pay for their store orders. You will not be able to place an order until your Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement, Retailer Agreement…