Content Calls

Submit your store for inclusion in our upcoming seasonal content

Including Authorized Retailers in OCS Editorial Content

This curatorial process is designed to provide fair and equal opportunities for Authorized Retailers to be featured in OCS consumer-focused content. It offers Retailers the opportunity for inclusion in our monthly editorial calendar.

Including a wide range of Retailers in OCS content not only makes it richer but also provides the diverse viewpoints needed to tell the full story of cannabis in Ontario. This is a valuable opportunity for Retailers to join the conversation and help educate consumers about their brands.

Our Winter Content Call is now closed.

How to Participate

The OCS will post seasonal open calls for submissions. Authorized Retailers can opt in to a pool to be considered for inclusion in our monthly content within the season. Each call is posted three months out from the first month of inclusion and will outline set editorial themes for the season.

Note: We may occasionally reach out to Retailers for content opportunities that they have not submitted a request for, but we will always consider prior submissions first, with an eye to featuring a range of Retailers.

Authorized Retailers must submit a form before the call deadline and provide the following information:

  • Details about the store(s) you’d like to feature​ (note: the store must be open by date of publication)
  • Rationale as to why you want to feature this store now (e.g., is it new, are there seasonal events or is it timely in some way?)
  • Confirmation that you can provide requested assets (e.g., imagery, access to experts for quotes) ​​
  • Confirmation that you can provide opportunities to link to content on OCS

Current/Upcoming Calls for Content

Each brand submission will be considered for inclusion in a limit of one of the following months per season (although you may submit forms for multiple months). Our goal is to include a range of Retailers, so inclusion will be spread out as much as possible throughout the year.

Note: All timing and departments are subject to change at the discretion of the OCS marketing team.

Content Departments

This refreshed approach to “Super Stores” features budtenders answering frequently asked consumer questions. This series is designed to shine a light on our Authorized Retailers and the knowledge they have to offer. Bringing budtenders into the conversation to share their stories and experiences makes retail stores more approachable for consumers and accessing legal cannabis easier for Ontarians.