About the Retailer Data Program

The objective of the Retailer Data Program is to provide Licenced Retailers with important market information to help facilitate their product forecasting needs. Additionally, it allows retailers to see how they compare to the overall cannabis market.

You can learn more about how Licensed Retailers are able to gain insight into these important data streams by reviewing the Retailer Data Program App User Guide.

What are the Retailer Data Program requirements for eligibility?

You must be a provincially Authorized Licensed cannabis Retailer and eligible to enter into a Retailer Agreement with the OCS. 

Please note, licensing requirements are fulfilled with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and are outside the control of the OCS.  

I am an eligible Licensed Retailer; how do I enroll in the Retailer Data Program?

Please contact your District Sales Manager to assist you with the enrollment process 

How do I gain access the OCS Data Program?

The OCS Data Program is administered using Power BI, a Microsoft platform. Once your log-in credentials have been provided, visit https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-ca/landing/signin/

How is the OCS Data Portal different from the Wholesale Portal?

The Wholesale Portal is used to submit purchase orders to the OCS, while the Data Portal (delivered via Power BI) is used to deliver relevant information to Licensed Retailers. 

Can I set up multiple accounts with the OCS Data Program?

For the time being, each Licensed Operator will only receive one account. This account will give visibility to all stores operating under that CROL.

My store is part of a corporate/franchised network. Will it be possible to access each store’s data from within my network?

The account provided gives you access to all stores operating under the CROL it is attached to. The owner of each account can determine how their account will be shared.

How can I provide product feedback and suggestions?

We always welcome your input. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please send an email to dataprogram@ocs.ca.