OCS B2B Portal Licensed Retailer Guide

This guide will help Licensed Retailers manage their OCS account, browse the OCS item catalogue, place their weekly orders and access important information, such as account balances, delivery information and order documentation.

Last Updated: February 4, 2021


All information contained in the OCS B2B Portal Licensed Retailer Guide is strictly confidential and is intended solely for OCS clients with an assigned password and is intended for general guidance and informational purposes only. This information is non-binding, non-exhaustive, and subject to change.  No party shall be permitted to modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit or use any of the information contained herein, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the OCS.

Once you receive your registration email, you will need to login into the OCS B2B Portal to set up your Retailer account. Please ensure that you have all required licenses, documentation and store details ready before you begin the registration process.

1.1. Log In to the OCS B2B Portal

You must complete the steps below to begin the account registration process.

  1. Use the Start Registration link in your email invitation from the OCS to initiate the account creation process.
  2. On the OCS B2B Portal log-in page, enter your Retailer email address, create a new password and then log in. If you would like to register an email address that is different from the one to which your invitation was sent, you will be prompted to create a new account and password.

1.2. Create an OCS Retailer Account

After accepting the OCS Non-Disclosure Agreement, follow these steps to complete your OCS B2B Portal Retailer Account.

  1. Enter the Certificate Name associated with your Cannabis Retail Operator Licence (CROL) number. This information should match the certificate issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).
  2. Enter your business’s entity type. This should match the business entity type on your AGCO-issued documentation.
  3. Enter your Cannabis Retail Store Authorization (CRSA) number, as provided by AGCO.
  4. Fill in your contact details, including your name, email and phone number. You can also enter a secondary contact name, email and phone number.
  5. Enter the legal business address associated with your AGCO-issued CROL certificate.
  6. If you selected Corporation as your entity type, please enter your complete corporation address.
  7. Enter your complete store address. This should be the same as your AGCO-issued CRSA Certificate.
  8. Indicate whether you are a First Nation Licensed Retail Operator, and if so, enter your First Nation Registration and Band Number.

You must save your progress to move on to the next step.

1.3. Set Up Your Delivery Information

To assist our delivery team, please fill in these details about your store.

  • Primary and Secondary Delivery Contact Information – Our delivery partners may get in touch with your contacts on the day of your scheduled delivery.
  • Delivery Constraints – Enter any constraints that could impact how an order is delivered to your store. This could include parking bylaws or directions regarding where to park for delivery.
  • Pallet Drop – Let us know if your store accepts pallet drops. If you’re requesting a pallet drop, please ensure a standard-sized (40″× 48″) pallet can fit through the delivery door.
  • Receiving Location – Select the location your order should be delivered — back door or front door.
  • Delivery Door Access – Let us know whether you have a single or double door.
  • Distance from Drop to Door – Indicate the distance (in feet) between the order drop location and the delivery door. Please indicate the distance (in feet) between the pallet drop-off area (parking lot, curb, etc.) and the delivery door.
  • Exterior Security Lighting – Let us know if there is exterior security lighting.
  • Store Size – Please provide the store size in square feet.
  • Secure Storage Size – Please provide the store’s secure storage size in square feet.
  • Estimated First Order – Indicate the estimated weight (in kilograms) of your first store order.
  • Additional Shipping & Delivery Info (optional) – Provide any additional information the OCS’s delivery partners should be aware of when making deliveries to your store.
  • Operating Hours – Indicate your store’s operating hours by day of the week.
  • Receiving Area Pictures (optional) – Upload photos of your receiving area to assist the OCS’s delivery partners. This can include photos of the door or instructions regarding where to park.

You must save your progress to move on to the next step.

1.4. Upload Documents

  1. Upload the following required documents to set up your Retailer account.
    • Store Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Form: This will have been provided to you by an OCS Onboarding Specialist.
    • Void Cheque: This allows us to validate your banking information.
    • Store Certificate of Insurance
    • AGCO CRSA Certificate
    • AGCO CROL Licence
    • Store Logo: Please upload a .png image (250 px wide; 72 ppi).

2. Once you have submitted your documents, an OCS Onboarding Specialist will review your submission. If there are any errors in your submission, you will receive an email notification outlining the missing or incorrect information. You will need to resubmit your application with the correct information before we can approve your account.

After we approve your account, you will be able to use your log-in credentials to access the OCS B2B Portal. Once you log in, you will be brought to the OCS B2B Portal home page. The home page contains quick links to the most frequently used functions, including viewing your order schedule, order history and account settings, and managing your store users.

You will have access to key resources, such as Retailer Support, Featured Products, Articles and Content Calls. You can also connect with our Client Service Centre for direct assistance.

Use the links below to navigate through this section:

2.1. Navigate the OCS B2B Portal

The OCS B2B Portal allows you to browse and order products from the OCS Item Catalogue through the Product Listing Page. You can intuitively search and filter products through the Product Listing Page.

3.1. View the Product Listing Page

You can access the Product Listing Page (PLP) and browse products by clicking Place Order from the site navigation or home page. Each product listed on the Product Listing Page displays the following key characteristics: brand, item name, THC and CBD levels, SKU, GTIN, wholesale price and pack size. You will have the option to view all products at once or filter them by category or collection.

You can browse all OCS products in the following three ways.

Select View All Products on the PLP to browse all products.

Click View by Category on the PLP to browse products by category. Select a subcategory if you would like to refine your search

Click View by Collection on the PLP to browse products by collection. Select a collection to refine your search.

Note: Due to limitations with the old OCS Buy Sheet, SKU titles were edited or shortened. In the OCS B2B Portal, SKU titles will appear in their full length, including spaces and symbols. All other order documentation, including Advanced Shipping Notice and Order Confirmation, has always displayed full-length SKU titles. For example, for capsules, “15caps” will now be displayed as “15 caps” and for accessories, “20inch” will now use the proper ” symbol.

3.2. Use Product Tags

Product tags are applied to products to highlight the status of products and prices, such as “Coming Soon,” “Back in Stock Soon,” “Incoming Price Drop,” “Recent Price Drop,” “Back in Stock” and “Clearance.” We may continue to add new tags as needed.

3.3. View the Product Detail Page

The Product Detail Page (PDP) provides you with detailed information about each product. If the product you are viewing requires other products or accessories for use, you’ll see them here too.

Below the initial product information, you’ll find supplementary details about the product, such as how it was grown and trimmed, and its strain lineage.

3.4. Use the Product Search Filters

On the Product Listing Page, you can use the search bar to locate a product by name or SKU. You can apply additional filters to further refine your results.

In the expanded THC filter view, you can set the THC level to your desired percentage range (the mg/unit will be displayed). Note: Once you filter using a percentage range, you’ll see all products that fall within that range. For example, if you filter for items with a 20% to 30% THC range, an item with a range of 15% to 20% will also be displayed in your results.

In the expanded CBD filter view, you can set the CBD level to your desired percentage range (the mg/unit will also be displayed). Note: Once you filter using a percentage range, you’ll see all products that fall within that range. For example, if you filter for items with a 20% to 30% CBD range, an item with a range of 15% to 20% will also be displayed in your results.

In the expanded Size filter view, you can check one or more product sizes from the list.

In the expanded Plant Type filter view, you can check one or more plant types from the list: Blend, Hybrid, Indica Dominant and Sativa Dominant.

In the expanded Price filter view, you can adjust the slider to specify your desired price.

In the expanded Terpenes filter view, you can check one or more terpenes from the list.

In the expanded Product Category filter view, you can check one or more categories.

Toggle Out of Stock and/or Previously Ordered. Note: By turning on the Previously Ordered option, you will only see items you have ordered within the past six months. The clock icon will appear on any products that fit these criteria.

Select the Sort filter you want to apply to your search.

3.5. Export the OCS Item Catalogue

From the Product Detail Page, you can export the OCS Item Catalogue by clicking Export Catalogue at the top of the page. The catalogue contains all cannabis and cannabis accessory products currently in the OCS Item Catalogue. For Retailers that previously placed orders using the OCS Buy Sheet, this information is the equivalent of the Item Catalogue tab.

Note: All items may not be in stock. Please refer to the Product Listing Page for items that are currently available for purchase.

  1. Once you select Export OCS Catalogue, you will be prompted to start the export.

Once you’re familiar with navigating the Product Listing Page and Product Detail Page, you are ready to place your order.

4.1. View Your Order Window

Before placing your order, you will need to check your next assigned order window. You can do this in the following two ways.

  1. Your order window and anticipated delivery date and time are located on the top navigation bar on every page.
    Note: Delivery dates and times are subject to change.
  2. Using the site navigation, click Order Schedule to view your store’s order and delivery schedule page within your Account Centre. You can view your past order days, future order days and future delivery days. To the right of the calendar, you can also see upcoming stat holidays that can impact your normal order and delivery schedule.

Note: You can configure store users to receive email notification updates when changes are made to the delivery date or window. Learn more in Section 5.3 Create a User Account.

This icon represents your assigned order window. You must complete your order by this day.

This icon confirms that you have placed an order on a specific day.

This icon represents your anticipated delivery day.

Stat holidays are displayed and updated accordingly.

4.2. Order Products

You can build an order in two different ways. You can browse the OCS Item Catalogue and use the Product Listing Page (PLP) and the Product Detail Page (PDP) to build an order. You can also export a blank order template from the top of the PDP and manually enter products. Once you have filled out the template, you will need to import the file to the OCS B2B Portal to complete and submit your order.

Note: You must submit your order before the end of your order window for it to be accepted. We’ll notify you 20 and five minutes before your order window closes. Please be sure to save all your changes before submitting an order.

4.3. Place an Order

To add items to your order, search for items on the Product Listing Page (PLP), select the desired size or colour, and the desired pack quantity.

Note: When an item displays as “Low Probability,” the item and quantity are not guaranteed to be available and may be removed during the allocation process.

As you add products to your order, a pop-up in the top right-hand corner of your screen will confirm that the selected items have been added to your order. When browsing the PLP, you’ll see a blue or grey bag icon at the top right of an item if that item has already been added to your order.

The blue bag icon indicates that this variant is currently in your cart.

The grey bag icon indicates that you have a variation of this product in your cart.

If you select the bag icon in the navigation bar, you can view a high-level summary of your order at any time. If you would like to view the order page, select View My Order.

4.4. Export and Import an Order Template

Complete the steps below to export an order template.

  1. Click Export Order Template from the Product Listing Page (PLP). The Export Order Template button appears 24 hours before your next order window.
  2. Choose how you want quantities to be displayed, and then export the order template. Any items in your cart at the time of export will be reflected in the exported file.
  3. If you wish to add items to your order after you have exported the template, you will need to do so manually. Do not alter the format of the template or add or delete columns, or you will be unable to import it. Be sure to select your desired order quantities in either Packs or Eaches before completing your order.

Note: To view cannabis products only, click the Plant Type filter and remove blanks from view.

Complete the steps below to import an order template.

  1. Click Import Order at the top of the Product Listing Page (PLP) to import your order. Please select Packs or Eaches, depending on how you input your order. If your order is in Eaches and the total quantity does not equate to an even number of cases, the quantity will be rounded down. Ensure the file is named OrderExport when you are importing your order into the Portal or you may experience issues.
    Note: If there are items in your cart, they will be overwritten when you upload the order template.
  2. Once you have imported your order template, you can add additional items to your order by using the PLP. To add items to your order using the import function, you will need to export a new order template to ensure items currently in your order are maintained.

4.5. Submit Your Order

Once you have finished selecting your items, you can review the completed order on the My Order page, where you can also edit and remove items from your order.

Note: Variants of the same SKU may be grouped together.

Sorting the My Order Page
You can sort the My Order page by selecting one of the options from the drop-down menu.

Low Probability Items
If an item in your cart changes to “Low Probability,” this will be called out at the top of the My Order screen. This notification helps inform your purchasing decisions, but you are not required to remove these items from your cart.

Clear Order
You can delete your entire order by selecting Clear Order.

Remove Item
You can choose to remove an item from your order by selecting the trash icon and confirming you’d like to remove it from your order.

Out-of-Stock Items
You will be asked to remove out-of-stock items before completing your order.

Order Summary
You can view a summary of your order by weight, dollar total, tax, total packs, estimated number of pallets and shipping fees. You can also view a full breakdown of your order by subcategory.

4.6. Review an Order

You will be able to view a high-level summary of your order before submitting it. You will need to review and confirm your address and order total at this stage. If you need to make any additional changes, you can go back to the My Order page by selecting Edit Order.

Note: You can sort this page by clicking on any column header displaying an arrow above it, as shown in the image below.

4.7. View Order Confirmation

Once you have submitted your order, a confirmation screen will appear displaying your Order ID and delivery window.

Note: Your Order ID differs from your Sales Order Confirmation. The Sales Order Confirmation number will appear once the order has been processed. Refer to your Sales Order Confirmation number when speaking with the OCS about your order.

To receive your Order Confirmation and ASN documentation via email, ensure that any user that would like to receive these documents has the appropriate notification permissions. Refer to Section 5.3 Create a User Account for more information. These documents will be available for view and download within the Order History section of your Account Centre on the Portal.

Order Confirmation

Once your order is submitted, your order window and upcoming delivery day in the top navigation bar on every page will appear in green.

Order Pending

Once your order has been processed by the OCS, you will receive an email with your Sales Order Confirmation and Advanced Shipping Notice when they’re available.

You may update your order while your order window is still open. Select Edit Existing Order from the homepage or select Place Order from the drop-down menu. If you’ve made changes to your order, your order window and upcoming delivery day in the top navigation bar on every page will appear in orange.

Note: If your order window closes while you are editing your order, these edits will not be reflected in your final order.

Update Existing Selection(s)

When you make changes to an existing order, you will be asked to confirm those changes before overwriting the previous selection.

4.8. Verify Your Delivery Window

Once your order is placed, there are two ways to check your upcoming delivery window.

  1. You can view your delivery window at the top of each page.
    Note: You can update store user permissions to receive email notifications when the delivery window or date is changed.
  2. Review your store’s order and delivery schedule by selecting Order Schedule from the site navigation menu. This page displays your past and upcoming order days, including any orders placed that day. Upcoming stat holidays displayed beside the calendar may impact your regular order and delivery schedule.

From the Account Centre, you will be able to manage your account information; view your order history, account balance, and order and delivery schedule; and manage your store users.

5.1. View and Edit Your OCS Contact Information

From the OCS Contact Information page, you can view and edit the following personal information:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Status message: The status will be visible to other users assigned to your store.
  • Profile picture

5.2. Manage Your Users

From the User Management page, you can view, search, edit, delete and create new users, as well as lock user permissions.

  1. To delete a user, select the trash icon displayed beside the user’s name.
  2. To edit a user, select the pencil icon displayed beside the user’s name.
  3. To lock a user, select the open lock icon displayed beside the user’s name.
    Note: If you get locked out of your account, please reach out to the OCS to unlock it.
  4. To create a new Retail user, select the new user icon on the User Management page.

If you have several stores operating on the OCS B2B Portal and you would like to provide users with access to multiple locations, you will need to submit a request to the OCS Client Service Centre.

  1. Submit the following information to complete the request:
    • The user’s name
    • The store(s) you require the user to access

Note: Store users with access to multiple locations will have the same permissions across all stores and will be able to log in using the same email and password for all locations.

To learn how to switch between store locations on the Portal, please refer to Section 2.1. Navigate the OCS B2B Portal.

5.3. Create a New Retail User

You can create new Retail users and assign user permissions within the OCS B2B Portal.

  1. From the User Management tab of your Account Centre, click Create Retail User and provide the required contact information for the new user.
  2. Update the user permissions on the Create New Retail User.
    • General Retailer permissions are associated with ordering functionality.
    • User Management permissions are associated with managing users for your store.

Note: If you make any changes to a user’s permissions, these changes will only be reflected once that user logs out and logs back into the Portal. If a user is given permission to View Order Documents, they must also have permission to View Order History, as this is where all order documentation lives on the Portal.

3. To configure user notifications, click on the notifications drop-down menu and select from the following options.

    • Order Confirmation: The user will receive an email notification once the Order Confirmation is ready on the day of your order. The email will include the confirmation as an attachment and a link to view the confirmation directly in the Portal.
    • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN): The user will receive an email notification once the ASN is ready ahead of the scheduled delivery. The email will include the ASN as an attachment and a link to view the ASN directly in the Portal.
    • Delivery Date/Window Change: The user will receive an email notification if the delivery date or window is updated or changed. The email will include the updated delivery window and a link to view the changes directly in the Portal.

5.4. View Your Order History

From the Order History page within your Account Centre, you can do the following.

  • View past orders
  • Search
  • Filter by date
  • View status
  • View dollar total
  • View order-related documents
  • Submit a previous order
  • Order display view
  1. To access documents related to an order, locate the order and select the desired document from the drop-down menu.
    Note: You can view the Order Confirmation, Advanced Shipping Notice or Invoice within the OCS B2B Portal or download a copy.
  2. To reorder a previous order, select Order Again.

Order Statuses

  • Processing: Orders that have been submitted to the OCS.
  • Fulfillment in Progress: Orders in the process of being fulfilled.
  • Order Invoiced: Orders that have been invoiced.
  • Partially Shipped: Orders that have been partially shipped.
  • Shipped: Orders that have been fully shipped.
  • Delivered: Orders that have been delivered.
  • Deleted: Orders that have been deleted.

5.5. View Your Account Balance

On the Account Balance page, you can view your account payment and credit history. You can also search for account activity by the sales order number and view your current account balance below the search bar.

5.6. Change Your Password

On the Change Password page, you can create a new password. If you get locked out of your account, please contact OCS Client Service Centre to unlock it.

Need more information? Contact an OCS representative.