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Welcome to OCS Wholesale

The exclusive distributor of legal recreational cannabis in Ontario.

At OCS Wholesale, we source legal recreational cannabis and cannabis accessories for Licensed Retailers in Ontario. We offer a wide assortment of products and helpful services to support the efficient distribution of cannabis products to authorized stores across the province.

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Family Day – February 15, 2021

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Meet Three Authorized Cannabis Retailers That Are Black-Owned Businesses

Black History Month is a good time to take stock of the negative impact past cannabis laws have had on marginalized communities in Canada — and support rising BIPOC cannabis businesses. Here, we celebrate three Black-owned Authorized Retailers making their…
Retailer Support

Vape Education and Troubleshooting

Introduction to Vapes  |  Types of Vapes  |  Quick Steps for First Time Use Storage & Maintenance  |  Transportation  |  Battery  |  Compatibility  |  Crystallization  |  Troubleshooting INTRODUCTION TO VAPES Cannabis vaping (or “vape”) products are now legally available for sale in Ontario. Read…
Our Retail Partners

Three In-Store Trends Shaping the Cannabis Customer Experience

As the cannabis retail landscape continues to grow, a few noteworthy in-store trends around connecting with community and customers are emerging across Ontario. Whether it’s providing an approachably low-fi experience, focusing on one-on-one customer interactions or giving back to the…

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Top FAQs

Who is the primary contact for Licensed Retailers at OCS Wholesale?

Licensed Retailers are provided contact information for an OCS Wholesale Account Development Manager shortly after receiving their Retail Operators License (ROL) from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).

What kinds of cannabis products does the OCS sell to Licensed Retailers?

We only sell cannabis products that are permitted under federal legislation. We currently offer an assortment of dried cannabis, pre-rolls, concentrates, capsules, seeds, edibles, extracts and topicals for sale to Licensed Retailers. OCS Wholesale will work to expand its assortment of products to include new product categories.

Can you provide details on wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing information is only available to authorized retailers.

How much supply does OCS Wholesale currently have?

Although we cannot share specific information about our supply on-hand, we work closely with federally licensed producers to provide Ontarians with a selection of legal recreational cannabis products through OCS.ca and Authorized Stores.

Content Calls

Our quarterly Content Calls offer Licensed Retailers (LRs) the opportunity for inclusion in our monthly editorial calendar.