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Welcome to the OCS Wholesale Learn siteWe’re here to help Authorized Retailers in Ontario with everything they need to know about working with the OCS. Whether you’re looking for guidance on ordering and deliveries or insights that can help build your business, we’ve got you covered. 

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How Four Authorized Retailers Are Standing Out From the Crowd

As the legal cannabis market expands to include more than 1,000 stores, some Authorized Retailers are finding unique and memorable ways to distinguish themselves in the market. One way to do this is to specialize in certain things — either…
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Deck the Halls: How Four Retailers Are Bringing the Festive Season into Their Stores

From Santa snaps to sweet giveaways, these spots will be celebrating the holidays in style. For so many Authorized Cannabis Stores who opened their doors just as lockdowns began, this is the first real holiday season they’re able to share…
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Strength in Numbers: How Independent Retailers Support Each Other for Mutual Success

From sharing information to pumping each other up on social, meet some indie Retailers who have found ways to work together so everybody wins. The cannabis industry can be a daunting place for an indie Retailer. Opening a regulated cannabis…

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