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Welcome to the OCS Wholesale Learn siteWe’re here to help Authorized Retailers in Ontario with everything they need to know about working with the OCS. Whether you’re looking for guidance on ordering and deliveries or insights that can help build your business, we’ve got you covered. 

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Industry Highlights

Meet the Masters: Carl Ketch, Quadessence at Sitka Weedworks

Ketch is applying his unique approach to growing at Sitka’s micro-cannabis park on Vancouver Island, where the name of the game is helping micros like Quadessence get their exclusive craft bud into the hands of consumers. Each month, we invite…
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Ask a Bud: Minor Cannabinoids

THC and CBD might get all the attention, but there are a host of other cannabinoids that deserve to share the spotlight. Krystal Elento, budtender at Purple Tree Cannabis in Toronto explains what minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, delta-8 THC…
Industry Highlights

Meet the Masters: Kris LeBlanc, The Green Organic Dutchman

When Kris LeBlanc joined TGOD as master grower, he brought with him 15 years of organic growing experience. Here he shares why — and how — he keeps the green... green Kris LeBlanc has always grown cannabis organically, starting in…

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