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Setting Up Your OCS B2B Portal Account

By May 8, 2020March 24th, 2022No Comments

Authorized Retailers in Ontario can only purchase legal cannabis products through OCS Wholesale.  After you have received your license, you will be assigned a secure OCS B2B Portal Account and will be able to order from our wide assortment of cannabis products and accessories.

In order to set up an OCS B2B Portal Account, Authorized Retailers are required to provide the following information and documents. If you require assistance or have any questions regarding account setup, please submit them through the Contact Portal.

Insurance Requirements

  • ROL name must be listed as the insured  
  • Retail Operator Licence Number (per AGCO)
  • Retail Store Authorization Number (per AGCO)
  • The OCS should be added as an additional insured beneficiary. The OCS should be referred to as “Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation, doing business as Ontario Cannabis Store”  
  • Please ensure you have the OCS address “200-4100 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M2P 2B5” written correctly on all documentation.
  • The Certificate of Insurance must have the Cannabis Retail Store Authorization’s (“RSA”) complete address (the store address) on the Certificate of Insurance as an insured location.  
  • The Certificate of Insurance should include the effective insurance date, which is on or before the day of the store’s first order.  
  • The certificate should include “Commercial General Liability” insurance of a minimum of 5 million dollars, per occurrence and include non-owned automobile coverage.  
  • The certificate should be signed by the insurance provider. 

Banking Requirements

  • ROL or RSA name: the void cheque or Bank Letter must have ROL or RSA or both names as an account title.  
  • The financial institution information: “Financial institution name, financial institution account number, transit number, and institution number” on the official financial institution document should match with the banking information on the PAD agreement.  
  • Signed and stamped, the official financial institution document, other than a void cheque, should be signed and stamped by the bank.  
  • Void cheques must be pre-printed (not handwritten)  
  • The official financial institution document should be recently dated (within the last 3 months) 

OCS Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement Requirements

  • ROL name  
  • CROL number  
  • Current date  
  • Address 1: It can be ROL or RSA address (should match exactly) or can be a personal home address or legal firm address, etc.  
  • Address 2: It is the address of the financial institution as per the void cheque or other official banking document (should match exactly).  
  • The PAD agreement should have “Financial institution name, Financial institution account number, transit number, and institution number” and this information should match with the void cheque/ official financial institution document.  
  • The PAD agreement must be signed by the authorized signatory and signatures are digitally verified. 

Please note: Insurance inaccuracies can cause delays in setting up an OCS account and placing an initial order. Please ensure you, as the Retailer add OCS as an additional insured. Your insurance certificate must be dated prior to your first order and state the value of Commercial General Liability Insurance in the amount of, not less than Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence, as per section 16.1 of the Retailer Agreement. In addition, you must add Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation doing business as Ontario Cannabis Store; this is required to be additionally insured on your insurance policy. The policy must have the same name on the insurance as is named on the ROL.

We will begin to accept insurance coverage of $5 million per occurrence effective immediately for new Retailers. Existing Retailers may apply this change to one of the following:
    – The date you can amend your existing insurance policy with your insurance provider; or
    – The date of your next insurance policy renewal.

This change will be incorporated into section 16.1 of the Retailer Agreement once renewed, on or in advance of February 21, 2021.