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Product Return Policy

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All products purchased through OCS Wholesale are final sale.  The OCS Wholesale Return Policy permits the return of product for a credit on your account if one of the three following instances occurs:

  1. Products arrive damaged.
  2. Products are shipped incorrectly, such as overages or delivery of items not ordered.
  3. Products are recalled by Health Canada, the applicable licensed Producer, an Accessory Supplier or the OCS.

If your order falls under any of these instances, you must report the error in your shipment to the OCS Wholesale Client Service Centre within 7 days of receipt to qualify for a return. You may be required to send back any approved items to OCS Wholesale Distribution Centre using the steps outlined in Section 3.3 of the Retailer Handbook.

Damaged Products

It is the responsibility of the Licensed Retailer to carefully check all received goods.  You are required to notify the OCS Wholesale Client Service Centre within 7 days of receipt if products arrive damaged or do not match your confirmed order.

For instructions on submitting a Quality Assurance claim, please visit the Submitting a Quality Assurance Claim article. If you have any questions about submitting your Quality Assurance claim, please contact the Wholesale Client Service Centre at 1-877-627-1627.

Return Shipping

Return shipping can occur when you have received damaged products, additional products have been shipped in error, or there has been a product recall.

In the instance of damaged or mis-shipped products, Licensed Retailers must notify the OCS Wholesale Client Service Centre within 7 days.  Once we have reviewed and approved the claim, we will arrange for the product to be picked up during the next delivery cycle.  Credits will not be issued until the product is received and verified at the OCS Wholesale Distribution Centre.

In the instance of a product recall, products may be destroyed on site according to the AGCO Registrar’s Standards and unsold inventory may be returned to the OCS Wholesale Distribution Centre.  An OCS Wholesale Client Service Representative will be in contact with the Licensed Retailers for disposition instructions. Please see the Product Recalls section of the Retailer Handbook for more information.