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How to Read Your Packing Slip

By June 6, 2019May 11th, 2020No Comments

Every product shipment from the OCS comes with a shipment pack list. This packing slip has been designed, using retailer feedback, to make reconciling your shipment with your order as easy as possible.

Watch the video below to learn what’s contained in your packing slip.

Each column on your packing slip contains important information detailing the contents of your shipment.


These numbers correspond to each individual container shipped to your store and are listed sequentially. The contents of a container are grouped together on the packing slip. Containers may include a variety of different products.


Each product shipped in a container has an item number which includes the product variant. Packages of the same product may arrive in different containers. You can find the appropriate containers by scanning the packing slip for each appearance of the item number.


This column features the name of the product or the cannabis strain name.


This column features the name of the Licensed Producer. Please note that brand names will not be listed in this column. Producers can have multiple brands under which they release their products. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the names of all the licensed producers approved by the OCS. A full list can be found on OCS.ca.


This number refers to the specific harvest or lot of a product. This number can be used for quality control purposes.


This number is used to uniquely identify each product and is prepared by GS1 Canada according to global standards. This can be used to assist with inputting products into your inventory or POS system. Note that the Batch or Lot number makes up the last few digits of the GTIN barcode.


The final column on the packing slip references the quantity of each item that has been shipped in your order per container. This number refers to individual units of each product within a case and not the number of cases shipped.

If you have any questions regarding your packing slip or suggestions to further improve it, please contact the OCS client service team.