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Addressing Quality Concerns with Customers

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Customers bring helpful feedback, and in a new market, it’s to be expected that we will receive a good amount and broad range of customer feedback. In our experience at OCS, Cannabis product quality concerns are common and often based on the customer’s perception or even preference for what they believe quality is, or even how they choose to consume the product. To help you address customer concerns factually, please read on for important and helpful information.

General Information

All cannabis sold by OCS is procured only from federally licensed and regulated producers who follow strict guidelines. All cannabis products are tested in third party laboratories to ensure they are free from pesticides, micro-organisms and other items that could be harmful to a person’s health. OCS reviews all product documentation from the laboratories for compliance with Health Canada regulations.

Facts and Information about Product Quality

  • Moisture content will vary among strains and product lots
  • There is no Health Canada guideline for the final moisture content required in a cannabis product
  • However, all products are tested to ensure that their moisture content is low enough that it will not encourage growth of microorganisms
  • Licensed producers determine the final moisture content for their products
  • Currently, licensed producers offer products ranging between 8 and 15% moisture content
  • Moisture can be re-introduced to cannabis products by the customer by adding a humidity pack (Boveda, Integra Boost) to the airtight container and removing it when it has reached the desired level of moisture


  • Product weights can differ from the weight shown on the product label
  • For a product less than 2 grams, a product may be +/- 10% of the product weight as an acceptable variance
  • For a product more than 2 grams, it is acceptable to be +/- 5% of the product weight shown on the label


  • Health Canada does not require licensed producers to include an expiry date on cannabis product packaging
  • Each product and licensed producer will have its own standard for how long a product will maintain its properties

The OCS Policy on Product Issues

At OCS, for our online customers who provide feedback about product quality, we offer information, such as provided above, and we record and log all product quality concerns. Those concerns are reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team and depending on the circumstances, may be addressed with the applicable LP. Similarly, if you receive product quality concerns, we would like to hear from you.
Please contact our Client Service Team at 1-877-627-0627 with concerns so that we may record them and take further action if appropriate.

Our return policy for you as a retailer remains applicable for recalls, damages and order issues only. We cannot offer refunds for product quality concerns unless a recall has been issued.

PLEASE NOTE: Your store policy on how you address customer product concerns and whether you refund or replace products or not is at your own discretion.