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OCS Core Assortment Initiative

By January 12, 2021February 9th, 2021No Comments

Purpose & Intro

As the Ontario cannabis marketplace continues to mature, the OCS is establishing a core assortment of products that will further drive the stability of supply for cannabis consumers and stabilize the revenue stream for Ontario Retailers. The OCS will work closely with its producers to provide stable order forecasts and reliable end-to-end product flow.

Objectives & Benefits

  • Support the rapid expansion of stores across the province, by having an assortment list of stable supply resulting in stable revenue
  • Increase the efficiency of new store onboarding, by providing guidance on SKUs with consistent sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction & legal sales, by providing consumers with the reliability that core assortment is “Always in Stock”

Core Product List by Store Size

  • We selected 100 SKUs across varying categories to create a Core Product List that will always be in stock
  • OCS & Suppliers have committed confidence in delivering 100% fill-rates for Core Products, enabling reliable product flow
  • Based on POS Sales Performance, selected products are consistent performers in last quarter, reflecting proven consumer demand
  • Core Product recommendations for each store size are based on consistent sales compared across both Revenue $ and units sold
  • The Core Product List will be reviewed and updated, as necessary, every 6 months based on Retailer POS Data

Core Product List by Store Size

*First iteration does not include accessories, seeds or topicals

Implementation Timeline

Key Milestones